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Welcome to my little corner of the web. I’m a 29-year old writer, entrepreneur, and all-around creative superstar living in pleasant Midwestern suburbia with my husband and two rowdy dogs. By day, I’m the communications manager for a statewide nonprofit dedicated to fostering resources to start and grow businesses (say that 5 times fast, I dare you). I split the rest of my time between freelance writing, marketing consulting, and driving my husband crazy with exotic vocabulary like “decoupage”, “grasscloth”, and “reupholstering”.

I started sewing seriously somewhere around 3rd grade when I ripped apart a play costume and turned it into a different play costume and haven’t stopped DIYing and trying to make things better and more beautiful since. This drive prompted my husband and I to remodel our main floor and spend our weekends finding out the answer to, “I wonder if we could do that ourselves…”

I’m compelled to create. Our lives are better when function is married to form and I can’t stop trying to play matchmaker. Learning new techniques to design, build, and embellish motivates me to explore and inspiring others to embark on their own creative journeys is my version of success. Its this inherent compulsion to create – at dazzling scale – that I think makes us human, and is the reason behind the name of this blog.

I grew up on the Internet before that was a common childhood experience, meeting strangers from across the world through listservs, usenets, and bulletin boards. For me, blogging is a way to share, inspire, collaborate, debate, and socialize.

I’m fond of the Oxford comma, Capitalized Words, craft beer, direwolves, classical music, snorkeling, Bristish slang, sashimi, and lots of other things. I’m insatiably curious about the world and that means you, too. Drop me a line, why don’t you? I’d love to chat! If you’re shy, I even have a prompt to make conversation less daunting. Q:What’s the first thing were really proud of creating?

(Psst: answer with a comment!)

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