Annimal Attraction – The Universal Appeal of Shiny Things

An afternoon and a tube of rub n buff are all you need to transform a boring metal table into something glam.

 It appears that females of this species share an almost universal attraction to shiny objects. This attraction is not dissimilar from that displayed by other animals; cats are notoriously attracted to metallic objects. Annimal is no different. The decoration of her home appears to occupy a substantial amount of her time and mental energy disproportionate to the amount of physical needs it meets. I can only assume she derives additional satisfaction from decorating that transcends a strictly practical relationship. She recently acquired a sturdy metal table of intricate design to occupy the central living space of her nest. It seemed adequate to me, but the dirty copper color did not seem to suit her at all.

Before - a rusty shade of copper did nothing to highlight the sleek, stylish lines of this petite side table.

Careful application of a product called “Rub and Buff” in Silver transformed the table over the course of two hours from the antiqued copper piece that she had brought home from the store into something quite a bit different in both style and reflective quality.

Wax-based Rub and Buff gave the table the look of silver - at a fraction of the cost.

I believe there were probably far better ways to spend two hours, but her delight in the new object cannot be ignored. She admired the table with her two pet animals (a subject for another day) and exclaimed happily, “Shiny! Shiny!”. I may be embellishing a bit; but there was a certain smug satisfaction to her countenance. Annimal likes shiny things.

– Professor Bumbershoot

P.S. Although these observations are not directly related to my field work, I feel obligated to share with you that Annimal begged me to tell my readers who might be inspired to attempt a similar silvery transformation that she purchased the original table at World Markeand the Rub N Buff at Hobby Lobby for $5.15, bringing the total expenses for this project to a hair over $$75. The results, I am told, are comparable to tables selling recently on sites like One Kings Lane for more than $300.

World Market Table: $70

Rub N Buff: $5.15

Total Project Cost: $75.15

Compared To: Silver Leaf Occasional Table $339

Savings Of: $263.85

One Kings Lane Sold this Silver Leaf Table for $339 (discounted from retail price of $700). With a little Rub N Buff and a mirrored top you could make a low-cost, high-style replica of your own.