Don’t Pass the Bar

Our new, rounded countertop offers ample eating area. At its deepest point, it measures 18″. Since we opted for sturdy but invisible supports, there is plenty of knee-room, too. We already enjoyed perching at the bar in our old kitchen… Continue Reading

A Serene Sanctuary

Bedroom Escape by adewvall on Polyvore About a year ago, I started to design a bedroom for my mom and dad. Like many parents, for years they’ve put their children and other responsibilities first. Now, my mom is helping to… Continue Reading

Three Sheets to the Washer – A Nautically Inspired Laundry Room

Since we last visited, readers, I have been occupied with Annimal’s latest frenzy of activity. She seems to endure long, latent periods where she does very little at all followed by rigorous frenzies of activity. She had just launched into… Continue Reading