Closing out September in (more) Style

After I wrote my last post about the thin profile frames I picked up at Target, I was naturally dying to see them on the wall. I may change the position later, but since there were two nails already in the wall from the large photo these frames are replacing, I used those in the meantime to get a sense of their visual weight. What do you think?

This art switcheroo wasn’t the only change to grace our master bedroom during the past few months. We’ve slowly been making updates as time and budget allows and I think the room is beginning to finally take shape.

White curtains give the master bedroom a fresh, nautical feel.

We replaced oatmeal-colored curtains and black curtain rods with sleek nickel rods and white Ikea Ritva curtain panels. I bleached, dried, and ironed the panels, then hung them from drapery pins inserted into nickel rings. At this time, we also raised the rods so the 95″ panels fill the tall wall better.

Simple Target lamps and white drum shades flank the bed (Pottery Barn’s Ashby) and a few bedding tweaks have brought our soft furnishings in step with the fall urge to cozy-fy. We’re still using a white linen Pottery Barn duvet cover/shams set with white matelasse Euro shams but now two Crate and Barrel charcoal silk throw pillows have joined the party. As the weather gets colder, we’ll add a grey quilt and I’d like to find a new throw and some charcoal Euro shams a la this inspiration photo below courtesy of Williams Sonoma Home.

Williams Sonoma Home bedding inspiration.

Meanwhile, the nightstands received their own tune-up and are looking just dandy.

Finally, we’re playing with accessories to find the right balance. I’m slowing learning that, at least for me, decorating a room isn’t something I can do overnight. Even if I had the resources, I simply need to let things “live” together and discover the right direction. Can you believe I almost repainted the entire room because it felt “yuck”? Turns out that the beige overload was what was bringing me down – not the wall color. Changing the curtains let the walls shine again. It’s little discoveries like this that helps me understand that decorating truly is a process for most of us. Maybe one day my eye will be so well practiced that I can decorate a room in a matter of days, but for now, I’m just glad that after a year and a half I’m finally starting to have a bedroom I love!

A few of the auditioning accessories – a leather bench who has relocated from the living room, a grey fringed throw, a woven tray, and my favorite – a tropical plant in a gorgeous blue/green pot. And, of course, the silver Restoration Hardware mirror I’ve gushed about here. For now, the room is still in progress. But, it’s come a long way.

BEFORE. (April 2010)

AFTER. (September 2012)

There are still decisions to be made, of course. Like what to do with the other two corners of the room. You can see a chair lurking in one of them and a desk currently stands in the other. I think we need some height, though, and some light. I’m toying with the idea of a lingerie chest or chiffonier (height!) and maybe finding a way to bring in some smaller, decorative mirrors (light!). I’m hesitant to overcrowd our relatively small bedroom, though, so I want to tread carefully lest I undo all the good decor vibes I’ve stirred up. The master bedroom is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house. I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Our dog Max habitually lurks underneath the bed, watching and listening to the proceedings from his lair. Unfortunately, he is a silent decorating partner and cannot help answer my next, urgent query – What should I put in the new frames above our bed? Until Max decides to pipe up, I’d love some human suggestions.


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