Decor Doppelgängers – Pottery Barn Silver Beaded Mirror

Pottery Barn Silver Beaded Mirror - $399.00

Pottery Barn Silver Beaded Mirror – $399.00

This post might seem familiar, because the doppelgänger is very similar to a piece I already “knocked off” (see: Restoration Hardware Baroque Aged Silver Leaf Mirror). When designing a new master bedroom escape for my parents, my eyes landed on this silver beaded mirror from Pottery Barn. Pottery Barn is a favorite of my mother’s and I knew the shine this mirror would add to a dark bedroom with only one window would be invaluable. Not only that, it would be positioned above a chest, visible from the hallway just off the entrance to the home. An alluring little treat for the eyes, as it were. But, when my dad decided to splurge and get my mom the headboard she’d been coveting (the Pottery Barn Lewis slipcovered headboard) and upgrade to a Tempurpedic bed, thoughts of $400 mirrors, as flitting as they had been, were dashed. Luckily, I found a very close twin… at Target!

Target Threshold Beaded Silver Wall Mirror - $39.99

Target Threshold Beaded Silver Wall Mirror – $39.99

For 10% of the inspiration piece’s price, this beaded silver mirror from good ol’ Tar-jay is nearly a dead ringer. It’s very similar in size and, despite being plastic, is heavy. It’s not available online right now, but our local Target stores carry this item for a mere $39.99. There are differences, of course. The Pottery Barn mirror is larger and made of metal. The detailing is a little different. (Note: the mirror we purchased has more prominent beading very similar to the PB mirror.  I’m not sure that the web photo for this product is accurate. Check your stores in person.) But, for $360 more, I’m not sure I’m sold on those advantages, as pretty as the PB mirror may be. What do you think?

Not a bad way to add some sparkle without breaking the bank!



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