Decor Doppelgängers – Room & Board Profile Frames


Room and Board Profile Frames. The 20″ square version runs $69.

I have wanted a pair of square, thin profile frames to hang above the bed instead of the large framed photo that currently resides there. My favorites are these Profile Frames in Silver from Room & Board. The thin band of metal is a nice foil to the large, silver mirror at the foot of the bed and the crisp, modern style helps maintain the fresh feeling I’ve tried to create in our  master bedroom.

At $69 a piece, though, a pair of Room and Board frames adds up to more than $140 (after tax and shipping) for a nonessential item. Since I like to swap out decor often, I can’t justify spending a lot on accent pieces like these.

Imagine my delight when I ran across a similar style frame at Target for only $22.99 a piece! Target’s website says these aren’t available in stores but I know that to be at least partially wrong. The website price is even lower than what I paid, too, so it’s a hard bargain to beat whether you’re ringing up at $22.99 or $18! The website photo is poor – I’ll try to take a picture of the finished display soon. Or, you can pop in to Target and see for yourself.



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