Grout it Out

For everyone (that means you, Arleigh) eagerly awaiting a kitchen update – this isn’t it. Other than to slyly suggest that progress is being made, this post is about another design dilemma. Grout!

We’ll  be tiling the kitchen backsplash soon. I thought I’d made all my decisions. We know where we’re tiling and the previous backsplash has been removed and new drywall installed and primed. We settled on the most basic of white subway tiles, both for ease of installation, cost, and aesthetic reasons. But, as I mentally prepared for the project, researching each step and preparing my shopping list, I realized I still had a rather important decision to make. What color of grout should we use?

Grout is to tiling a backsplash as thread  is to sewing a garment. Minimizing contrast gives a cleaner, more fluid effect whereas heightening contrast can add texture and visual interest. They both are good – just different, with their own inherent risks and rewards. Our kitchen has white cabinets, grey and white marbled quartz counters, nickel hardware, stainless steel appliances, and grey walls. Using a grey grout would be a good way to unify the space, like in these images:

Traditional Kitchen by Flemington Architect Pickell Architecture

Then again, white on white is a classic, clean look and just seems a little brighter.

Which would you choose? Grey or white? I’ll have to make my own choice very soon! Take the poll by clicking the link below!

White subway tile with ____ grout.



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