Our Home Renovation Journey

As I prepared for our upstairs remodel, I read other blogs and asked questions about other people’s experiences extensively. What I learned was helpful, so I’d like to pay it forward by sharing our process as we go long along. This isn’t riveting stuff, but it is real. We are normal people, working full-time jobs, balancing family and social demands as well. We live in a “normal” middle-class home in the suburbs. We earn a middle-class income and have a limited budget for our remodel. But, like so many of you out there, we also have cultivated a taste for beautiful, high-end things and find it hard to compromise even while juggling cost, practicality, and design. This is the story of our remodel during 2013-2014, week by week. I want to give you a feel for how much we’re able to accomplish while working a combined 90+ hours a week, going to grad school (me) and still trying to find a little time for such frivolous things as, well, sleep. Note: I stopped updating after Week 14, not because we were done, but because I just couldn’t summon the energy to be cheerful about this project any longer.

Weekly Summaries

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