Decor Doppelgängers – Pottery Barn Round Water Hyacinth Placemats

  I loved the look of these water hyacinth placemats from Pottery Barn, but at $56 for a set of 4, I’d be spending $112 to outfit my table for guests. For 86% less, I found these Hometrends water hyacinth… Continue Reading

Sea Life Silhouettes

This project is actually one I completed more than a year ago, just before our April 2011 housewarming party. But, if you’re like me (and judging from the blogosphere lovefest, more than one of you are!) and love beach themed… Continue Reading

Three Sheets to the Washer – A Nautically Inspired Laundry Room

Since we last visited, readers, I have been occupied with Annimal’s latest frenzy of activity. She seems to endure long, latent periods where she does very little at all followed by rigorous frenzies of activity. She had just launched into… Continue Reading